Tahrir Team

Saadia Aslam
Saadia finsihed her MPS in Art Therapy at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and currernly works in Orange, New Jersey. She joined Tahrir in 2004. As a broadcast journalist, Aslam takes delight and pride in discovering voices in our Muslim communities and introducing new personalities to Radioland.

Tamara Issak
Tamara Issak is a contributing producer and co-host with Tahrir, having joined the team as an intern in 2005. A Fulbright Fellow to Syria in 2008-2009, she completed her MA in English literature at Rutgers University. Tamara now resides in New York where she is a PhD candidate in English language and literature.

Mona Iskander

Mona Iskander is now associate producer with PBS TV, having spent two years as a producer at CNN in New York and NPR Radio.

She started her journalism career in 2002, as an intern with Radio Tahrir, WBAI New York. Iskander has a master's degree from the Columbia Journalism School.

Tamara Issak
Tamara Issak is a contributing producer and co-host with Tahrir, having joined the team as an intern in 2005. A Fulbright Fellow to Syria in 2008-2009, she completed her MA in English literature at Rutgers University two years later. Tamara now resides in Chicago where she teaches college-level English language and literature classes.

Dean Obeidallah
Obeidallah is a standup comedian working in many venues. Co-director with Maysoon Zayid of the successful Arab American Comedy Festival, they also hosted "Fen Meshnoon with Dean and Maysoon" on Tahrir from 2004-2006. Dean is based in NYC but travels constantly, performing and organizing festivals. . See

Lynne Stewart with our interns
Civil rights Attorney Lynne Stewart with Nazek Habatfa(l) and Mona Iskander.

Robert E. Meyer
Meyer helped build our program web site in 2003 and has contuinued supporting Tahrir and WBAI over the years. He pased away in Nov. 2012 and will be missed.

Sarah Malaika
Sarah Malaika completed her MA in anthropology, Middle East and museum studies. She works in NYC museum programs and is now an occasional producer with Tahrir. "I joined Tahrir to be part of a creative radio voice on air." Malaika is a long-time community radio fan and has been involved in community programs for many years.

Barbara Nimri Aziz
Dr. Barbara Nimri Aziz is an anthropologist and a print journalist as well as a broadcaster. See her regular blog on this webpage. Aziz began her interest in radio as a student at Queen's University, Canada, where she was producer for CFRC. She joined WBAI-NY in 1989 when she moved to NY and entered the world of journalism. Aziz has been with Pacifica WBAI in New York for 23 years where she now concentrates on managing and co-hosting RadioTahrir, a regular weekly magazine. Based on her early interviews working with Arab writers, Aziz founded the Radius of Arab American Writers Inc. (, a national organization. Aziz regularly visits the Arab countries on assignment and many of her productions airing on WBAI are based on interviews abroad.

Hassen Abdellah

Hassen Abdellah joined our team as co-host in 2001. He likes to bring controversial issues on to the air and open the phones to for listener call-ins. WBAI offers a perspective not found elsewhere, he says.

A graduate of Seton Hall Law School and Bucknell U.,PA, now has his own law firm in Elizabeth, NJ. He is chairman if the board of Darul Islam Elizabeth Inc. Mosque in New Jersey.

At high school and college Br. Hassen played basketball and football and continues to follow NBA, NFL and college sports.

Jad Abumrad

A graduate in music composition and a Tahrir intern from 1999-2001, Jad is now host and curator of RadioLab, a weekly program on WNYC, NY.

Each episode of RadioLab is a patchwork of people, sounds, stories and experiences centered around One Big Idea. On RadioLab, science bumps into culture... information sounds like music.

Ryme Katkhouda

Co-founder of the and, Ryme is executive producer of "Voices With Vision", airing Thursdays at 11am on WPFW 89.3FM in DC.

She has been a senior producer and trainer at WPFW 89.3FM since 2003 and is also national correspondent with Free Speech Radio News

Aydin Baltaci
Aydin Baltaci, assistant producer, is’s webmaster. He holds a B.S. from Istanbul and M.A. in Geography from Hunter College N.Y. “Tahrir offers me a refreshing, down-to-earth, yet sophisticated work atmosphere. I enjoy great colleagues while I engage in the honorable work of bringing unbiased voice to our worthy minority peoples. These are some of the things that attracted me to Radio Tahrir."

Reem Nasr
Reem Nasr is a journalism and Middle East studies graduate from NYU. She combines the heritage of several Arab nations with American life, pursuing a career in journalism. While covering New Jersey-NY community affairs, Nasr regularly visits Arab lands to keep abreast of developments there.

Maysoon Zayid

Maysoon Zayid is an actress and professional stand-up comedian. She has appeared on major TV programs and tours widely performing standup comedy.

Zayid is co-producer of The Arab American Comedy Festival in NY . , now in its 8th season. Follow her performances on

2011 Tahrir Producers
Sarah Malaika, Saadia Aslam, BNimri Aziz, Aydin Baltaci

Nadja Middleton
Nadja worked as Tahrir's sound engineer for more than two year's. She then specialized in community news. In recent years Middleton has been working as a producer with NPR's "Story Corp".

Sally Sharif
Sally Sharif recently received her BA from Montclair State U. NJ. She plans to pursue a masters degree in communications, towards her goal of a career in media as the owner of her own media network. She says Tahrir has inspired her in numerous ways: “It ultimately gave me confidence in pursuing my passions and dreams in media. I am honored to be part of a distinctive on-air voice on for the Arab and Muslim community.“

Aisha AlAdawiya and Hassen Abdellah
Aisha AlAdawiya is founder and director of "Women in Islam" based in New York. She joins us as an occasional host on Tahrir.

Hanan alShaykh and Tahrir members
Tahrir producers Lea Khayata, Reem Nasr and BN Aziz with the author. Hear an excerpt about Hanan and her mother on "features"and the full interview, in 2 parts-- Sept 29 and October 13, now podcast.

2004 co-producers

Kareem Freeman,Saadia Aslam, Rachida Mohammedi, Imran Ahmed, and BN Aziz

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