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Swimming Up the Tigris

Barbara Nimri Aziz's latest book..
Swimming Up the Tigris
"It's so human. I loved the poems, the images, the anecdotes. They're heartbreaking. You want to hug these people. They will survive, and they will rebuild. We have to believe in that."
Etel Adnan: poet, essayist, artist.
"Barbara Nimri Aziz has written a must-read book which puts a human face on an Iraqi people dehumanized by simplistic, misleading and inaccurate media accounts before, during and after America's illegitimate invasion and occupation of their homeland."
Scott Ritter, chief United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq (1991-1998)
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Field Notes— poems and stories

On a rainy day in San Diego, by Lamea Abbas Amara, 1991
Night Sky, by Lisa Suhair Majaj, 1998
First Letter Since, 2003
It’s Difficult for Me, by Hamdi, age 9, 1991
Abu Ghraib: A Popular Story
Some Children, by Rami, age 10, 1991
Shako-Mako? A Popular Story
Two Camels at the Border: A Popular Story
The Heaviest of Battles, unknown Iraqi soldier 1991
A Short Letter, 2001
Arguments, by Lisa Suhair Majaj, 1998
Daddy is Going to the Front, by Abdul Karim Salam, 1991
Asking Iraq to Comply, by Zaid Shlah, 2006
I’ll Tie My Mother’s Shawl, by unknown soldier 2, 1991
I’m from Palestine, by Sanaa, age 10, 1991
The Boxer Dog: A Popular Story


Part I
Chapter 1 War Coming
Chapter 2 Just Imagine, International Women’s Day, 2003 Chapter 3 Adnan in America (Forget About Iraq) 
Chapter 4 Mehdi
Chapter 5 I "Love My Country"
Part II
Chapter 6 There Goes the Medical System
Chapter 7 One Iraq Child and Her Father
Chapter 8 Books Break Sanctions
Chapter 9 Just Business
Chapter 10 Who Gets What
Chapter 11 Trade or Aid?
Chapter 12 A Little Loot
Chapter 13 Skies Over Baghdad
Chapter 14 One Farmer's Message
Part III
Chapter 15 Him!
Chapter 16 Sabaar and the Boys at the Office
Chapter 17 The Pharmacy
Chapter 18 Facing the Children
Chapter 19 Empty Playgrounds
Chapter 20 "Ah, the Border"
Chapter 21 Gravesites: Environmental Ruin in Iraq
Chapter 22 Targets, Not Victims
Chapter 23 Where is Amaar?
Chapter 24 "You Are My Guest"
Chapter 25 Birds of a Feather

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