Making Connections in Israel's Stategy

July 21, 2014
I really canít comprehend what the long term intent of Israelís current military action is. But Iíve had a most discomforting thought, namely that Israelís short term aim is based on earlier developments-- the success of the boycott and divestment campaignóand to put the U.S. Congress on the spot.


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Voices of Iraq

Mohammed Ghani Hikmat
Iraq sculptor Mohammed Ghani Hikmat, in his studio in Baghdad in 1991, after the US-led bombing against Iraq; speaking to BN Aziz. (Ghani died Sept 12, 2011, in Jordan.)
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Nisrin Elamin
Sudan activist Elamin, working with Sudanese women worldwide to support self-help work in Darfur, came into our studio to tell us about her country. Go to our Dec 8, 2009 podcast for the full interview. sound Sample 6:17

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